CEO to CEO – Oriundo finds the right chemistry to do business in Latin America

Why Oriundo?


Latin America is what we are all about

  • We are the only network of former pharma & healthcare CEO’s covering the region
  • We help our clients accelerate their business growth by giving them access to the best know-how and assets in region
  • Our active network reaches deep across LatAm healthcare and pharma CEOs, governments/regulators, advisors and thought leaders


Been there, still here, know how

  • Geography, industry expertise, and above all, finding the right chemistry
  • We know what will make for success – tailored for every client, both in the market and within your own resource confines
  • Our scope covers strategic alliances, partnering, licensing in and out, acquisition, JV, distribution, turn-around and performance enhancement
  • We help folk look outwards, beyond the dwindling bottom line, to find new growth
  • We know our way around, and can hold your hand throughout


Accelerating your growth – in experienced hands

We’ll accelerate your international business growth, we develop lasting strategic relationships that become dependable business assets built on the right chemistry.

Business Development is a frustrated wish for most pharmaceutical companies operating in Latin America. Few companies have either the time or resource for an essential activity that requires both expertise and time.

There are many companies whose portfolios are either overburdened, and lead to gross dilution of focus and resource, or by contrast others who are short of brands in key areas where they need to strengthen their franchise. For one reason or another, the two parties can’t find a way of working together through pragmatic licensing in and out to mutual advantage.

By contrast there are many companies operating in the region who need new molecules, but either can’t identify the potential licensors or get their attention. At the same time there are many R&D based companies in Europe, Japan or the USA who don’t have the resource to devote to Latin America, the single most important growth region in the world.

Global Pharma companies based in Europe, the USA, Japan and elsewhere have made many blunders in Latin America by choosing the wrong partner or entry strategy, or have simply turned their back on the fastest growing region, worth more than US$76Bn (U$40bn in 2010) and projected to continue this growth trend. Both Brazil and Mexico are in the top ten slots; Mexico is competing for the world’s #11 slot and Brazil #7 in 2014.

The TPP Trans Pacific Trade Partnership with Pacific Rim markets in Latin America contributing some U$30Bn in pharma sales offering growth opportunities on either side of the ocean. Mexico’s highly respected regulatory agency COFEPRIS, built on promoting patient access through competitivity now enjoys official recognition in these same markets, thus becoming a solid stepping stone and speed to market throughout.

Why Latin America?

World’s fastest growing healthcare market

  • Current LatAm pharma market worth some U$76Bn and projected to continue its sustained upward trend.
    • Growth should bring the market to $83Bn in 2016 and more than $100Bn in 2020 according to BMI Business Monitor
  • Growth is far more consumer than government driven, so the market dynamics and architecture contrast substantially to your home market.
  • Success in Latin America adds dynamic growth to your business and reduces your dependence on stagnant and over-regulated legacy markets
  • The region offers an attractive growth platform for companies seeking to exploit new potential for their portfolio of products, whether molecules, services, technologies, new drug delivery systems or know-how.

The issue is how best to access this growth?


Accelerate your growth and equity value

When you want to accelerate your growth through access to the world’s fastest growing healthcare market, or access new products to rejuvenate your portfolio.

When you want to build significant new value into your business, adding a valuable footprint to strengthen both your toehold here, as well as to attract out-licensors looking for global coverage partners.

When your current business is running out of growth, either through lack of geographies offering substantial opportunities, and / or a tired, commodotised product and service portfolio.

That’s when Oriundo comes to the fore enabling you to expand your business through Latin America.  Without the single payor preponderance, here is one of the fastest regions to grow your equity value, as it offers enhanced ROI prospects in healthcare globally.

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