A turnkey solution for doing business in Latin America

What we offer

Board access and executive relationship management

Oriundo’s partners have a wealth of experience in establishing alliances, portfolio enhancement, franchise building, partnering and facilitating market entry throughout Latin America.

We are engaged in a number of such activities for US and European clients, as well as for local companies, both nationally owned and subsidiaries of global players, both at regional as well as single country levels.

Oriundo assists both in finding partners amongst companies already operating in Latin America, as well as establishing low risk but high impact ease-of-entry routes for companies abroad, involving, whether this be in marketing and sales, regulatory, clinical, market research, manufacture, regional sourcing and the like… a turnkey solution without the prohibitive price tag.

Strategic capability for international growth

  • We focus on improving performance and making a sharp upward turn to your growth and several fold increase in your value multiples by opening up new geographies and portfolios
  • This is why we partner with the prestigious Sage Healthcare Group, thus expanding your global outreach for sourcing and marketing new products
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