Healthcare CEOs in Latin America with active networks into all 22 markets

LatAm Partners

These are the partners of Oriundo, but we can call on a number of local experts in the areas of interest to clients on a project needs basis. 

Using this virtual approach, we can identify the best expert for a given project, but without the overhead.

Paul Doulton
Managing Partner & founder | Mexico
Geraldine Rangel
Geraldine Rangel
Partner | Mexico
Paulina Escobedo
Paulina Escobedo
Partner | Mexico
Henry Adler
Partner | Brazil
José Young
Partner | Peru & Ecuador
Dr Jorge Velis
Partner | Chile
Aldo Tassara
Partner | Argentina

Targeted Search

Targeted Search is our well-tried process for assisting companies operating in Latin America, be these locally owned or subsidiaries of global companies to rejuvenate their portfolios. By using specialized search partners, we can

  • get you to the head of the queue for novel therapies
  • get you to places and technologies that others can’t reach
  • avoid competitive bidding
  • save you a great deal of time
  • puts you into a proactive role, rather than the reactive “wait to see who knocks on our door” posture
  • establish the right chemistry


Global Partners

Oriundo also has partners in your home market to support you whether seeking local presence or a bridge from LatAm out to leading global markets.

Oriundo partners with The Sage Healthcare Group and other associates with offices in the US, Europe, Japan, Israel to  provide you with access to healthcare experts, consultants and R&D project search.


The Sage Group

Healthcare Business Transactions & Strategy

The Sage Group is a leader in the provision of transactional and strategic advice to healthcare and life science companies.

The Sage Group provides insightful analysis and strategic recommendations to help clients reach their strategic goals and objectives, usually one or more transactions, and we work diligently and intelligently with our global network to close these deals.

Sage Group
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