Matching you to the right partners for your needs

How we work

Understanding you

Oriundo prides itself on investing time upfront to understand your needs, your context, your culture, provide you with meaningful insights, choices and assemble the right partners to get you where you need to be.

Getting you the right people

Oriundo’s deep network of experts are here to match your needs:

  • Expanded client and sourcing capability in the major developed markets (US, Europe, Japan) and market segments – pharma, biotech, healthcare
  • Team of experts covering major issues – strategy, marketing, regulatory, clinical, compliance, valuation, manufacture, channels and logistics
  • Fit strategy to the culture and capability of the client and its marketing or technology partners
  • Turnkey solutions without the prohibitive price tag
  • Recently associated with HealthLinks in Mexico, specialising in supporting your start-up with business intelligence, deployment, regulatory, targeting and all the nuts and bolts. Start off on the right foot and keep going strong….

Discovery process

An initial call or e-mail to Paul Doulton will start our discovery process that is designed to link you with the right partner for your particular need.

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