We learned the hard way.
You shouldn’t have to.

Oriundo was formed by Paul after learning the hard way about doing business in Latin America which requires real in-region expertise to get it right.  No amount of research, smarts or corporate acumen can make up for on the ground know-how, and how without it, it makes paper tigers of the best laid strategies.

Paul has developed a world class network of regional partners to access the right people, thinking and context to enable you develop the right strategy for your investment in Latin America.

What sets Oriundo apart:

  • Oriundo is the only Latin American based network of seasoned ex-CEOs and BD Directors from major pharma with  substantial records of success. We learned the hard way, so our clients are saved risk, time, legwork, expense and the inevitable “knocks”
  • We have experts in your home market through our partners, The Sage Healthcare Group and other associates with offices in the US, Europe, Japan, Israel
  • All client projects have come from referrals and recommendations

Oriundo partners have over 280 years of experience between them in LatAm and are widely recognised in their regions as experts in healthcare and doing international business in and out of LatAm.


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