As former healthcare CEOs, we provide strategic access to Latin America

We are a network of highly experienced healthcare CEOs here to help you find the right people to do business within Latin America.  We are the only network of CEOs that provides a privileged level of corporate access into all 22 LatAm markets.

Whether you’re looking to access Latin America as a market, or a company within Latin America seeking International partners, Oriundo has the insights, network and critical local know-how to get you results.

Oriundo has deep and current local expertise and knowledge of Latin America’s players, economics and market dynamics.  Oriundo will help you find the right partners to access Latin America’s valuable markets, saving you risk, time, legwork, expense and the inevitable “knocks”.  And given Latin America is still the world’s fastest growing healthcare market worth over $76Bn annually, or 10% of the world market, it’s a place where it pays to have the right experience on your side.

It’s about finding the right chemistry, that’s what Oriundo does.

Oriundo in both Spanish and Portuguese means “hailing from, or someone who knows their way around.”  
Oriundo’s symbol comes from a pre-Hispanic Codex depicting the messenger of the Rain God, bearing water to the earth.  
This messenger brings need and source together: to the ancients, water, and to the 21st Century pharmaceutical industry, the right chemistry.
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